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The hospitality sector is increasing it's use of new digital tools and sources for information in POS, reservation modules & employee modules. However, the amount of data generated by the business is now also increasing.
An intricate analysis is now required to streamline data complexity in order to create an accurate perspective of business structures and take legitimate control of the decision making process.


As a transversal company, that advocates the development and analysis of digital solutions, Syntonize integrates all the sources of data generation with customized data processing solutions for their clients.

Evolutionary statistical models and visualizations are created to display interactive panels, graphs and maps to provide clarity to the vital company data.



The clearly displayed information on Sales, Usage, User Profiles and HR allows the company to have foresight and create strategic anticipations.

Overall positive effects are resonated throughout daily operations, margins and benefits within the company; and their relative units and departments.

Example Larrumba Group

Optimization and digitalization of the business ́ internal hospitality operations. Upgrading the current management and control systems that facilitate a variety of business facets with the implementation of a new information and reporting system.

As a digital partner, Syntonize reinforces the vision of the Larrumba Group.


Identifying and resolving inefficiencies within operations


Integrating sources of information


Remodelling control systems


Upgrading reporting systems


Analyzing and improving databases

Food Tech

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