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Technology has transformed the business and this fact facilitate the creation of a company from scratch.
To know what the real structure of the technical team is, the agility in the processes, the ability of the human factor to develop the business and to identify the risks and the key elements that will have to be addressed before or after the investment, it is essential to carry out a process of technological due diligence on any startup that wants to boost its structure and scale its business with new partners.</h6


Syntonize DDT offers to investment funds a technological analysis service, carried out by our team, an expert in technology and business for more than 20 years.

The due diligence analyze the technological base of the startup, its scalability over time and the business plan. Through a detailed report, which includes recommendations, warnings and Red Flags on the technology and team of the startup, we facilitate decision making on investment.

due diligence de tecnología
due diligence de tecnología


Syntonize DDT allows to know the status and the evolution capacity and technological growth of a startup to invest (or divest) in it, either to seek financing or to facilitate the sale to third parties.

These are similar processes to those carried out in the financial areas, with the objective of knowing the situation of the company from the technological point of view.


Syntonize proposes a analyzes, in which the stack and the state of current technology are checked, as well as the rest of the organization's digital assets.
Once this phase is over, product development practices, equipment and management skills are examined to understand how products and services are being created internally.

The phases of the process are:


Documentation Review


Interviews with key people


Technology analysis, ownership of the code created and compliance with security standards


Analysis of dependence and agreements with suppliers


Study of the development needs of the road map and technology for the next phases

Producto DDT

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