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Duffy’s ~ Digital Transformation / BI


01. Challenge

Three main objectives:

  • Rejuvenation of the brand´s digital environments
  • Ordination and Data Analysis
  • Renewal and update of the loyalty program and recruitment of new clients; primarily millennials.

02. Solution

Total renewal of Duffy's website to implement a greater navigability and usability.

A new design of a digital loyalty plan that incorporates an APP to allow the customer to access a series of segmented services.

Among these services are specific geolocalized promotions, point management and payment through the APP.  

Creation of an administrational system for data analytics to provide intelligence for the enhancement of the organization and its planning in all business areas; thus achieving greater efficiency and return.

03. Results

Increase of users by 10% per month.
The influx of Millenials to Duffy's has increased by 20%